Since 2004, we've been offering individual, team and group coaching services to hundreds of clients globally.Potentials Realized founder, and head coach, Jennifer Britton is the author of Effective Group Coaching (Wiley, 2010) and From One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching (Jossey Bass, 2013). She is considered one of the experts and thought leaders in the area of group coaching. For larger coaching projects a number of senior level coaches are engaged to work on our team, customized for your needs.

 Potentials Realized offers coaching services in three main areas:
1. Team coaching and group coaching programs for organizations and the general public,
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2. Coaching for team leaders, emerging leaders and global leaders including specialized corporate coaching services including coaching for new leader, team coaching, coaching skills training, and Shadow Coaching for Executives and Teams. you are also invited to visit our Coaching Team website which specifically focuses on support for leaders and their teams.

3. Coaching for coaches including coaching around business development,  mentor coaching and group and team coaching training.  

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Interested in learning more about some of the coaching and training projects and programs we have developed with our clients? Read the case studies of some of our recent projects.

Since 2004, Jennifer has been coaching professional and has an established track-record of work with individual, group, team and corporate clients from across North America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Africa. She has worked with clients including government ministries, Johnson and Johnson Medical Products, the Toronto CFA Society, The Cooperators, as well as hundreds of professionals and individuals through her individual and group coaching programs. She brings solid experience in coaching leaders in a range of industries including safety, chemical services, financial services, health care, education and global business. Jennifer is considered a leader in the area of group and team coaching and speaks regularly on these issues globally.

Jennifer is recognized as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation. Since 2004 she has logged over 3000 hours of coaching with clients - team, group and individual. She has supported clients from a range of industries including education, financial services, health care, manufacturing, mining, safety, customer service, and international affairs. She has worked with clients from the governmental, non-profit and corporate sectors.

Jennifer is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), having received her training and Certification through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) ten years ago. Jennifer is also an Organization and Relationship Systems (ORSC) coach, trained by the Center for Right Relationship. She has also completed Advanced coach Training as a Shadow Coach.

Individual Coaching
As a coach, Jennifer works with leaders, professionals, business owners and coaches. She particularly specializes working with new managers, global leaders and professionals, as well as those in the training, consulting and coaching fields.
With professionals, Jennifer works with clients on:

* Leadership Development, including new managers and leaders, global leaders
* Succession Planning
* Strengths Mapping and Emotional Intelligence Topics
* Team synergy and team work skills (communication, conflict resolution)
* Global Leadership and Virtual Team Issues
* Time Management and personal productivity

With Business Owners, Jennifer works with primarily service based professionals from the coaching, training and consulting spheres. Our work usually focuses on
  • Business visioning and branding during business start up and growth;
  • Developing Business and Marketing Plans;
  • Enhanced communication and presentation skills;
  • Developing more effective business relationships;
  • Building higher performing teams.
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    Examples of past coaching assignments have included:

    - Coaching of new supervisors as they move into their role;
    - Coaching of a manager in the health care industry on improved communication, team delegation and leadership;
    - Coaching of a new to role manager on core team management/leadership skills;
    - Successful transition for a returning female professional after maternity leave;
    - Enhanced time management skills and focus for a senior leader;
    - Support to career transition;
    - Supporting a manager with more effective and assertive communication skills;
    - Enhancing public presentation skills (in person and virtual programs)
    - Team coaching engagements focusing on enhanced communication, leveraging strengths, creating shared vision and values for the team (and organization)
    Contact Jennifer directly by email at or by phone at (416) 996-TEAM (416-996-8326) to schedule an initial discussion to see if we are a good match for what you are looking for in a coach.

    For Coaches

    One of Jennifer's specialties is supporting coaches with the development of their own group programs (Workshops, Retreats and Group Coaching), as well as building their own businesses. She has supported dozens of coaches as a mentor coach.

    Since October 2004, Jennifer has worked with hundreds coaches via group and individual coaching programs, supporting them to launch their own powerful group programs (workshops, retreats and group coaching). She offers the Group Coaching Essentials program (6.75 ICF Approved CCEs), the Group Coaching Intensive, and the Advanced Group Coaching Practicum (8 CCEs with the ICF).

    Jennifer provides mentor coaching for new coaches who are working towards their ICF Credentials, and as a CPCC supports coaches going through the CTI Certification process. For more information about mentor coaching, please click here.

    Email Jennifer to connect with her for a 20 minute discussion about your mentor coaching needs and how we might fit. She also offers a Mentor Coaching Group on a regular basis which meets the needs of Mentor Coaching for ACC renewals, ACC and PCC portfolio routes (10 hours over a 3 month period).

    Some of the issues Jennifer coaches coaches on include:

    • Workshop, group coaching or retreat program development;
    • Marketing of group programs (workshops, group coaching or retreat);
    • Mentor Coaching during Certification (CPCC/CTI) or Credentializing (ICF)
    • Supporting solopreneurs to develop their business and marketing plans;
    • Business visioning and branding during business start up and growth;

    Concrete results which former coach clients have experienced include:

    • Launch of their own group coaching program in an accelerated time (less than one month);
    • Development of content for workshops and group coaching programs and related products. One coach recently said could keep her busy for several years;
    • Clarity regarding business vision, and completion of a "living" business plan grounded in their values and passion;
    • Development of marketing plans;
    • Enhanced partnerships and strategic ventures with other coaches and service providers, enabling an extended reach to their business;
    • Surpassing yearly business goals;
    • Growing their solopreneur practice into a global business.

    More detail about Jennifer's coaching work can be found at our main website, Potentials Realized: Our current coaching package pricing for coaches can be downloaded here.

    To arrange a complimentary 30 minute phone based coaching session, please contact Jennifer by email at You can also reach her directly at (416) 996-8326.

    "Jennifer worked with me as a training coach earlier this year. She was instrumental in providing me the tools and the confidence to successfully launch my new program. Her insights and guidance were the amazing boost that I needed. Thank you so much. I look forward to our continued collaboration. All the best, Natalie Currie

    Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

    Team Coaching

    We have delivered Team Coaching sessions for organizations across the health care, financial services, governmental and transportation sectors. Whether it is a fully customized program, or a team assessment such as the team diagnostic, support to teams continue to be a focus for us. Building onto 24 years of experience in team building and teamwork, we customize solutions for teams looking to go enhance their productivity and skills in the area of communication, synergy, collaboration, teamwork and leadership.

    For organization wide coaching, team coaching and relationship systems coaching work, please visit our dedicated webpage to organization and team coaching.

    Contact us at (416) 996-TEAM (8326) for more information or Email Jennifer to schedule a phone call to discuss your particular organizational or team needs.

    Coaching For Business Partnerships

    Jennifer also coaches business partnerships from a variety of sectors. Building onto her former experience as a Business Faculty member, as a coach for business partnerships she works with you to focus on strengthening your partnership relationship, goals and accountability. For more information on these services, please visit our webpage on coaching for business partnerships here. With questions, please email Jennifer.


    Coaching packages can be paid by Visa and AMEX (by phone), and PayPal. Special PayPal Links will be sent to you with your welcome letter and package.