Corporate Retreats

Potentials Realized offers powerful corporate retreats for executive teams, management teams, Boards, staff/departmental teams and entire organizations. Potentials Realized founder, Jennifer Britton, has led retreat programs for non-profit, governmental and corporate clients across Canada, Germany, and across the Caribbean (Antigua, Barbados and Guyana). We have delivered programs for organizations and teams across health care, education, and government, including some of Canada's Top 100 Employers. Download short case studies which highlight the coaching and training work we've done with clients here.
Jennifer works with your organization to develop a customized retreat program within your budgetary scope. Retreats may run for for a half day, one day, two days to a 2 week period. Retreats are held in person, as well as virtually.

Past retreat programs have focused on:

* Strategic and Annual Planning (including SWOT, Strategic Issues Mapping)
* Developing Teamwork skills
*  Identifying and Mapping Team Strengths
* Strengths Based Leadership
* Emotional Intelligence - Enhancing Self Awareness, Relationship Management
* Team Building
* Communication (Styles, Fostering Feedback, Holding Difficult Conversations)
* Identifying and working more effectively across styles that exist (using Everything DiSC)
* Management/Supervisory Skills including delegation
* Building Capacity - Boosting Coaching and Mentoring Skills within the Team
* Risk Taking/Initiative
* Leadership Skills
* Virtual Team Team-Building
A typical retreat engagement process includes pre-retreat meetings, individual staff or team meetings with you to assess the needs for the retreat, and retreat facilitation. Post-retreat follow-up with team or 1-1 coaching is also an option as follow-up to support the transfer of the learning back to the work place. This helps to boost sustainability of the initiative.
Most retreats are led by Jennifer Britton who has led team development process for the last two decades. Potentials Realized has worked with teams on an annual basis, teams in transition and teams which are just forming, from a team size of 4 to over 200 staff. Past retreat clients have included mining teams, Toronto based hospital foundations, agencies of the United Nations, governmental teams and departments, and community groups.
Jennifer is a recognized national and international speaker on retreat, leadership and mentoring issues and has presented sessions on retreats, talent management and coaching to the Canadian Society for Training and Development, ASTD and the International Coach Federation. She is the author of Effective Group Coaching (Wiley, 2010) and "One to Many- Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching (Jossey-Bass, 2013). She is known for her energetic, hands-on retreat processes, which emphasize a link back to the workplace.
To learn more about the retreat services we have to offer, please contact Jennifer directly at (416) 966-TEAM (416-996-8326) or by email at
Retreat Resources for You
Download a Retreat Planning Checklist and Request form here.
Click here to read Jennifer's article Corporate Retreats: Six Essential Design Principles

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We would welcome discussing with you how our retreat services could support your organizational goals and objectives. Contact Jennifer Britton today directly at (416) 996-TEAM (416-996-8326) or email her at to set up a time to discuss how Potentials Realized and our associates could support your organization.

What Makes Potentials Realized Retreats Unique?

 Emphasis on follow-up and transfer of learning to the workplace: How often are your retreat gems left at the retreat site? Potentials Realized places an emphasis on enhancing the transfer of the learning to the workplace

Weaving of team coaching, experiential education and facilitation approaches into the retreat

 Pioneer in the area of virtual retreats – particularly rich and effective for geographically dispersed or virtual teams. It is recommended that face to face meetings do occur at least once a year for the team wherever possible. Virtual retreats can be interspersed throughout the year

Experience with small group retreat facilitation (10 members or less) as well as entire organizational retreats (200 + members) for the past 20 years
Consistency throughout the retreat process
Focus on making sure that the retreat/program meets your particular needs.

Contact Jennifer Britton today to discuss your corporate retreat needs. She can be reached at, directly at (416) 996-TEAM. We look forward to working with you!