Effective Group Coaching Book by Jennifer J. Britton

Effective Group Coaching: Tried and Tested Tools and Resources for Optimum Group Coaching Results from Jennifer J. Britton (Wiley, January 2010) is available! Originally published in January 2010, this is the first book ever published globally on the topic of group coaching.
"This new book reflects the new industry standard on doing group coaching. It is grounded in current research and best practices from luminaries in the coaching industry. A wonderful resource for new and seasoned coaches" - As reviewed in Choice Magazine (June 2010) by CoachingToys Marcy Nelson-Garrison
Effective Group Coaching is a valuable primer and reference guide that addresses these key points:
  • What is group coaching and is it right for you?
  • What is the business case for group coaching?
  • The dynamics of group learning
  • The continuum of group process
  • The core skills and best practices of group coaching
  • How to design your own group coaching program
  • Delivery options: Tips for in -person and virtual offerings
  • How to market your group coaching program
  • The logistics of running and implementing your program
  • A toolkit of group coaching exercises
The book also includes interviews and spotlights the work of 13 exceptional coaches who are leading their own group coaching programs, including leaders in the field such as Ginger Cockerham, MCC; Mary Allen, MCC; Suzee Eibling, PCC; Eva Gregory; Ann Deaton, PhD; Victoria FittsMilgrim, PCC, CPCC; Lynda Monk, CPCC; Maureen Clarke, CPCC; Deena Kolbert, PCC, ORSCC; Jill MacFadyen, ACC; Heidi Michaels, Rita Weiss, and Marlo Nikkila.
Coaches who are experienced with, and new to, group coaching, will find this book useful and immediately applicable to the work that they do. The book will also be of interest to small group facilitators, HR professionals and trainers who wish to incorporate more of a coaching approach into the work that they undertake with groups.
Here's what others are saying about the book:
"In Effective Group Coaching, Jennifer Britton takes you through the process of group coaching essentials from start to finish. Nomatter where you are on the continuum of experience with group coaching, Jennifer provides insights, ideas, stories and exercises that will stimulate your imagination. You will be inspired to create dynamic groups, and rise to greater heights with your work."
- Marlena Field, PCC, CPCC, www.BodyMindSpiritCoaching.com
"Jennifer Britton has taken her many years of group coaching experience and extensive knowledge and has concentrated it into this rich handbook. In Effective Group Coaching, you will find everything from the must-have tools for every effective group coach to valuable online resources and the how-to's to facilitate effectively in a virtual coaching world. Once you become immersed in this book, you will want to keep it by your side"
- Leslie Bandaly, www.2Kinect.com, and Author of Games Teams Play
"Congratulations! Amazing job! Thanks so much for this generous and much needed contribution - it's so easily readable, extremely clear and practical and is there anything you didn't give away! What about the 80/20 rule?! I would thoroughly recommend it to any coach, not just those in group coaching." - Claire Chadwick

"Jennifer, thank you for this great resource to help equip our students for positive client experiences in Group Coaching. I reviewed several books when researching the best resources to use in our program, and I chose your book and materials for the professional, and detailed step-by-step approach. I appreciate your contributions to the profession of coaching. 

Janice LaVore-Fletcher, MCC (IAC) , BCC, Founder, President of Christian Coach Institute

August 2012

Published by: John Wiley and Sons, January 2010
ISBN: 978-0-470-73854-2
Pages: 304 pp

The book is available from Wiley.com, Amazon.com and Amazon.ca.

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More praise for Effective Group Coaching:
" I am a coach looking to start group coaching and invested recently 600 USD in a program to learn more about it. Pretty much disappointed on the surface-level knowledge I got in return, I wasn't ready to give out more than the price of a book for my next attempt. My choice fell on your book and what a great decision I made!
I am only halfway through the book and I feel I learned more from it already than from this above mentioned 600 USD program! I love the tips you give, also that you repeat important things "to make it stick" with people who like reading in a rush. I also like the different perspectives you brought in by other coaches and generally the informative but still informal style, cross-referenced with other chapters. This is really a great work and definitely recommend it to every coach to read! Thank you for this experience!"
Erika Kalmar
Job Search & Career Wellness Coach