From One to Many: Best Practices for Teams and Groups

Jennifer's newest book, From One to Many: Best Practices for Teams and Groups is available from Jossey-Bass .

The book is jammed with dozens of tips, tools and ideas for group and team coaching. The 352 page book is also accompanied by 100 additional pages of digital content which includes team coaching and group coaching case studies and tips on marketing your work.

The book is divided into three parts:
Part I - Team and Group Coaching Defined. Part I of the book explores What is team and group coaching? How are they different? How are they similar? What are the benefits of these approaches? What tricky issues emerge?

Part II - Team and Group Coaching Foundations and In Action: Part 2 of the book explores Design Principles and Practices, Group and Team Coaching Foundations, Virtual Design and Delivery, Creating Connection and Fostering Engagement

Part III - Expanding our View of Coaching Many
Coaches who work in the realms of team and group coaching will find the book of interest. Part III of the book also expands our view of what coaching many means in today's context and explores topics including:
  • Capacity development - peer coaching, developing leaders as coach, the connection with supervision and mentoring
  • Developing a New Cohort of Leaders - Team and Group Coaching in the context of Leadership
  • Co-Facilitation, Partnering and Collaboration

Additional digital chapters are available for download which include more case studies around best practice team and group coaching, marketing your team and group coaching at our new dedicated site For those who have purchased the book you can use password 4411 to access the downloads.

You are also invited to "meet" many of the participating coaches who were spotlighted in the book. August 2013 interviews spotlight Kim Ades, Lynda Monk and Michael Cullen. You can listen into these three interviews here.

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