Are you a coach who is currently working towards their ICF Credential (ACC, PCC) or their CPCC Certification?

Are you looking for a coach to work with during this process?

As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), I work with a select number of coaches individually who are committed to raising their bar and taking a stand for excellence in our profession as coaches. I am also passionate about working with coaches who want to make their business thrive and make its’ mark. Is this you?

I offer both individual mentor coaching packages (10 hours) as well as a group mentor coaching option for small groups of coaches who are looking to fulfill their mentor coach requirements for ACC renewal, or ACC/PCC credentialing application. Mentor Coaching Groups start bi-monthly and consist of 7 hours of group mentor coaching, and 3 hours of individual 1-1 mentor coaching in a small group setting (typically 4 - 7 coaches per group). Click here for more information on our upcoming mentor coaching group for ACC renewals, ACC/PCC certification or coaches wanting to brush up on their skills.

Since late 2005, I have supported a number of coaches successfully through their certification process with the Coaches Training Institute certification process (CPCC). As a PCC, I also work with coaches who are working towards their ACC or PCC credential with the ICF (portfolio or regular routes).I have also trained hundreds of coaches in group coaching approaches through the ICF CCE Group Coaching Essentials and Group Coaching Intensive programs.

"Jennifer is a coach’s coach .I hired her to fulfill the mentor coaching requirement for renewing my ICF credential and came away with much more." - Shirin Khamisa, Coach and HeartMath Provider,

"Jennifer Britton is an amazing coach. She was instrumental in helping me as I was taking the big leap into starting my own business and completing my coaching designation. She helped me overcome some major obstacles and was always that soft cushion I needed when things ot tough. She was not just a coach, but a fantastic mentor - not just listening to me but giving me guidance when I needed it. I highly recommend her!"
Katenah Sherkat, CPCC, Professional Career Coach and HR Strategist

"I met Jennifer when we were co-facilitating a learning lab for coaches at the ASTD International Conference and Expo. Despite the fact that we were co-presenting as "peers", I knew instantly that Jenn had a depth of experience, a level of insight, and a range of skill that I could learn from as a coach and facilitator. I hired Jenn to be my mentor coach in preparation for my ICF ACC Certification process. Boy, did I get a great deal! While Jennifer mentored me to the successful completion of my ACC Certification, she also coached me in practice development, business development and personal development. Her warmth, humor and energy were the ideal match for mine, and she helped me hold myself accountable every step of the way. While my certification process is complete, my work with Jenn isn't -- simply because I don't want it to be done. Jenn -- you're stuck with me!"
Deborah Grayson Riegel, MSW, ACC

" I’m sending you a little note to let you know that I received confirmation last week that I am now certified…YAY! Thank you SO much for your generous contribution to this truly transformative part of my journey! I was (surprisingly) calm going into my exam and had the gut feeling that I passed. And am really thankful for how you helped me prepare myself – getting centred and owning that I really did have everything I needed. It was great to be fully present for the experience and I would even go so far to say it was fun!!!

I am so grateful that you made yourself available to me through this process – beautifully modeling what co-active coaching is all about and…and sharing your business experiences and expertise with me as well."
Rita Lausen, CPCC

If you are looking for a coach to work with as a mentor coach for your ICF ACC or PCC credential, or a CPCC for your CTI Certification, please contact me to see if we might be a good fit. I would be happy to arrange a sample session by phone.

You will also want to read Jennifer's article in the October 2012 Edition of Choice Magazine on Mentor Coaching: Developing Your Muscle and Refining Your Craft (Vol 10, Number 3, pp. 31-32)

Mentor Coaching for Your ACC or PCC:

Did you know
that work with a mentor coach (a PCC or MCC) for a minimum of 10 hours over a 3 month period is required for ACC and PCC credentialing pathways - portfolio and ASCTH prior to submitting their application?
Mentor coaching in this context focuses in on your coaching skills. I have supported dozens of coaches successfully through the portfolio route towards their ACC and PCC since 2007, as well as through their ACC renewal. Sessions focus on your coaching skills, preparation for the exam and understanding of the ICF core competencies. Coaches who have gone through the new Coach Knowledge Exam also indicate that our conversations have been useful in preparing them.

Are you looking for a mentor coach to work with prior to submitting your portfolio application? Looking for a mentor coach to work with to accumulate your 10 hours. Please Contact me today to see if we are a good fit.

I have worked with coaches across North America on CTI Certification and ICF Credentialing. Let's talk about how I can support you through your process: contact me by email , or directly by phone at (416) 996-TEAM (8326).

Take a look at the very useful clarification ICF is making around what is considered mentor coaching here (April 2011). Also take a look at what the International Coach Federation requires for the different levels (ACC, PCC, MCC).

Jennifer Britton’s Mentor Coaching Group was a very productive, growing experience and an excellent value!I got far more than I expected through our small group sharing, her coaching and practicing my skills.As a coach I’d describe the experience with these three words: engaging, stretching and skill-enhancing!For those preparing for an ICF credential, I’d highly recommend Jennifer Britton as your mentor coach! - Linda Stephens-Jones, Summer 2015

A bit about me:
I have been coaching full time since 2004, and working in the realm of professional development (training and facilitation) since the late 1980s. As a former manager with the United Nations and other international organizations, I was drawn to coaching as a modality to support individuals and teams to grow professionally and as leaders. In addition to being a CPCC and PCC, I am also a trained Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC) and Shadow Coach. I am a leader in the area of Group Coaching, author of Effective Group Coaching (Wiley, 2010) and From One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching (Jossey-Bass, 2013) and blog regularly on coaching and group issues here. I've worked with hundreds of coaches since 2006 through my ICF CCE Accredited Group Coaching Essentials program and am very aware of the questions and challenges new coaches face. Having also trained coaches for many years, I am also well versed with the ICF competency standards.
I am very active in the North American training, coaching and HR environments, and speak nationally and internationally on coaching, team, performance and business success issues. I have been working with teams and groups as a trainer, manager (and later a coach) since 1988. My work as a manager with the UN and other international organizations took me around the world until early 2004.
I've also held the position of a part-time Business Faculty member and bring a strong orientation to successful small business development and growth. Many coach clients appreciate the laser like focus I bring to their business growth. After all, success in coaching is not just about having great coaching skills -- for many it's about creating a sustainable and thriving business.
To learn more about me, click here.

What are my mentor coaching rates for 1-1 work?

I offer a special certification/credentialing rate to coaches who want to undertake 1-1 work of $1800 US for a 10 hour block of mentor coaching.
Hourly sessions can also be purchased individually at $250/hour.
Payments can be made by PayPal, Visa (by phone) and Cheque/Check. 10 hour mentor coaching packages are billed in two session increments (monthly) or in two installments.

What is the cost for participating in the mentor coaching group?
The mentor coaching group is geared for ACC renewals, as well as coaches who are applying for ACC or PCC. The program consists of 7 hours of group mentor coaching, and 3 hours of individual mentor coaching, spread over 3 months. The cost for the program is $1100 US or $1100 CDN plus HST, and can be paid in monthly installments. Group size is limited to 4-6 coaches. Groups start bi-monthly
. Click here for more information about the mentor coaching group.

Interested? Please contact me direct at (416) 996-8326 or by email at for a half hour consultation to see if we might be a good fit.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Download the different coaching packages we have for coaches here.


Jennifer Britton, PCC, BCC, CPCC, CHRP, CPT