Here's what people are saying about my latest book - From One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching (Jossey-Bass, 2013):

"Jennifer Britton has penned another winner! With From One to Many, Jennifer not only gives us a bird’s-eye-view perspective, but she also delves into the details we need to be successful as group and team coaches. I'm eager to incorporate this new material—not only into my course curriculum—but also into my own group coaching programs."
—Jory H. Fisher, JD, www.JoryFisher.com

"This remarkable resource gives coaches the necessary tools to expand their effectiveness and offer a group experience of connection and collaboration, providing an exceptional experience for many.”
—Sandy Miller, MA, CPCC, ACC, www.revolutionizingdivorce.com

"From One to Many is a must-read for coaches, whether experienced or new to group and team coaching.  Jennifer combines extensive research, personal and peer experiences, practical applications, and a comprehensive set of tools and resources to deliver another excellent book for professional coaches."     
—Janice LaVore-Fletcher, MMC, BCC, President, Christian Coach Institute

Practical tips, tools, and insight on successful team and group coaching engagements

As professional development budgets at many organizations remain flat or even shrink due to financial pressures, coaches and human resources leaders are looking for new ways to do more with less funding. Team coaching—which may span intact teams, project teams and virtual teams—and group coaching—spanning both organizational and public contexts—offer a solution to this developmental puzzle. Unfortunately, there are few practical resources available that address the best practices for team and group coaching. From One to Many fills that gap for coaches, leaders, and human resources professionals. The book explains how to integrate the practice into an organization and how to maximize it to full effect.

  • One of the only books on the market that explores in-depth the related topics of team and group coaching
  • Written by the founder of a performance improvement consultancy who is also a popular speaker on the subject
  • Features new content specifically for practitioners in coaching, human resources, performance improvement and related fields

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Here's what people are saying about Effective Group Coaching:

" This new book reflects the new industry standard on doing group coaching. It is grounded in current research and best practices from luminaries in the coaching industry. A wonderful resource for new and seasoned coaches. "
Marcy Nelson Garrison, Coaching Toys Review in CHOICE Magazine (Volume 8, Issue 2, June 2010)
"Congratulations! Amazing job! Thanks so much for this generous and much needed contribution - it's so easily readable, extremely clear and practical and is there anything you didn't give away! What about the 80/20 rule?! I would thoroughly recommend it to any coach, not just those in group coaching" - Claire Chadwick
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Here is what former clients have said about our programs:

"Jennifer is a gifted facilitator and coach. The Group Coaching Essentials program was practical, well designed and provided me with the opportunity to design my own group coaching course as I moved through it. I enjoyed the lazer sessions where I was able to ask more specific questions of Jennifer. The resources, exercises, and templates provided were excellent. I would highly recommend this course."
Pam Thompson, CEO, Creative Life Coaching Inc. http://www.creativehealingcentre.ca
"It's really important to me, my business and my clients to work with experienced and successful professionals. Working with Jennifer was wonderful. I knew that she was one of the best and that my time and money was well spent. I got much more in terms of learning, insights, support and resources which was a credit to Jennifer's generous spirit. I look forward to calling on Jennifer more int he future" - Michelle Homa, Founder and Head Coach: Coach & Co Pty Ltd, http://www.coachandco.com.au
Thank you again for such a remarkable, well organized workshop for Group Coaching.  The timing and the content that I received from you in the Group Program Virtual Intensive was invaluable.  The class was structured so that we would walk away with a working personalized model ready for implementation.  You transformed the concepts into easily implementable steps that made it seem effortless.  Had I not taken this course, I would not have developed the confidence to feel like I could really make it happen.  You provided the guidance for specific areas that were challenging participants from technology and marketing to setting up payment systems on-line. You are truly a gifted teacher.
Jeanne Pochily – Women’s Wellness and Life Coach

"I have now taken two courses from Jennifer Britton and have been "blown away" by both the depth of her knowledge, her wide range of experience and her skills as a group leader and facilitator.
Her courses are highly informative, packed with useful resources and tools. In designing my own workshops and group coaching sessions, her detialed workbooks have become like bibles to me, a resource I can constantly refer back to.
She is warm, generous and an ethical coach and facilitator. What more can I say, but my ratings are *****+++"
Katie Curtin, CPCC

"Having derived on-going benefit from participating in Group Coaching Essentials as well as other associated course offerings, Jennifer's skillful facilitative approach fosters a safe learning environment in which participants can explore and enhance their sense of self-discovery, personal mastery, and growth edges in highly beneficial ways" - Jeanie Paterson, CPCC, ACC, Full Spectrum Coaching and Consulting Services

Group Coaching Essentials Program:

"The Group Coaching Essentials program was pivotal in getting me to successfully launch my own group coaching program. Jennifer provided the organization, applicable skills and accountability to move me forward with confidence. I was able to start and complete my first group coaching program while taking this course."
- Phil Okrend, CPCC, JC,  http://www.steppingstonescoaching.com
"Essentially, the course gave me a road map on how to develop a group coaching course in terms of both content and marketing. Also, Jennifer demonstrated excellent group leader skills on the calls. You made the course fun and do-able and made the whole notion of group coaching less daunting.”
-Anne Oklan, CPCC

"Jennifer acts as a role model – demonstrating how you can facilitate group coacing during the Teleclass. Further, the manual is well-structured, and the content is very usable.”

-Trine Wulff, Think Twice Advice, Denmark

"The best practices are a wonderful takeaway from the program. I now have more insight into what to expect in terms of group dynamics, and a nice template for identifying prospective participants
- Melissa Grossman, CPCC, Huzzah Coaching

"Jennifer’s Group Coaching Essentials program was a maverlous opportunity to increase my knowledge, skills and confidence in creating and doing group coaching workshops. Jennifer did a great job of modeling great facilitation skills which enhanced the learning immensely

 - Chris Pallotti, Certified Business Life Coach, Strategic Life Plans

About Jennifer's Work as a Coach:

"Jennifer worked with me as a coach earlier this year. She was instrumental in providing me the tools and the confidence to successfully launch my new program. Her insights and guidance were the amazing boost that I needed. Thank you so much. I look forward to our continued collaboration. All the best, Natalie Currie” May 19, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

 "Jennifer provided the knowledge, support, motivation and resources I needed to get me back on track and moving in the right direction. Thanks Jennifer!” October 1, 2007

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

"Jennifer has the subtle ability to penetrate through my natural resistance, thus allowing me to venture into exciting and challenging projects, while letting me believe that I'm doing it all by myself. Jennifer is very professional, warm and friendly, yet humble and modest. She strives for excellence and will not let me settle for anything less. I know that my dreams, however vulnerable, are protected and nourished by her honest and open-minded guidance, in the caring setting of our coaching relationship.
Jennifer is my coach, my colleague and my friend. I am inspired by her integrity and I am truly blessed to share my personal and professional journey with her."

Irit Brodsky, Transformational Life Coach M.A

Workshop and Retreat Essentials Program

(Formerly the Training Essentials for Coaches Program)

"The Workshop Teleclass was FILLED with valuable information for creating my own workshop immediately. The guided instruction along with an extensive workbook is filled with step by step instructions and amazing resources that gave us everything we needed to build and conduct a super successful program.

Jennifer Britton is masterful in her approach to offer herself and her knowledge to help her participants succeed. I would highly recommend this program for anyone interested in learning and developing workshops and retreats. It was a truly valuable experience and the Return on Investment is beyond measure!"

Jacqueline Lesser Faust, CPCC
President, Creating Impact,
Executive, Management and Leadership Coaching


"I feel like I have been given a blueprint for my success

-Jill MacFayden, Chicago


"Because of taking this course, I now have the tools and strategies necessary to build a valuable, successful workshop while gaining the confidence necessary to move forward with promoting and marketing it.”
- Lori Coliton, MenoMystique, Toronto, ON, Canada

" Excellent job, Jennifer! Your materials were outstanding; your presentations were warm, informative and very professional; and the end result is that I know I can do it! I can’t wait to lead my first workshop – and thanks to you, I’ve got a great start!”

-Gail Devall, Boise, Idaho

" The course has given me a structure for creating powerful workshops, including specific strategies and activities AND awareness of delivery and learning styles for effectiveness and fulfillment of my clients!”

-Shirley Edwards, Balancing Act, Toronto, ON, Canada

"The course more than lived up to my expectations, it has given me the knowledge and tools to design with my workshop, and the confidence to proceed with it”

-Jeanne Bullock, Synergy Coaching, Oakville, ON, Canada

Get Organized Virtual Retreat (with Hellen Buttigieg, WeOrganizeU)

"("(As a result of this program) I am using the tips given, as well as focusing on my values.(I’m also) using the time-saving techniques Hellen gave for saying ‘no’. I continue to get rid of clutter…slowly but surely.Thank you, so much, for all you’ve done for me and the other people whose lives you’ve enhanced."

- Kathy Matson